Sustainable Business Awards Turkey are assessed in each category with the principle of impartiality of the jury members consisting of Turkey's leading academics and independent experts. You can see jurors here.


After the application criteria are checked by the Sustainability Academy Turkey, all applications are evaluated by the jury with a 5-point scoring system according to the below criteria and are subjected to pre-selection. Projects with a score of 3.5 and above are determined as finalists. The jury members evaluate the projects for a second time to determine the winners.

Evaluation Criteria:
Does the project effectively meet the criteria of the category it applies to?
Is the project integrated into a sustainable business model and overall sustainability strategy of the organization?
Does the project have transparent, effective, measurable and comparable results indicating change?
Does the project have future targets that push the boundaries and aim for change?
Is there transparent communication with the stakeholders in the value chain of results and change, is there a feedback mechanism?

Evaluation Criteria - Sustainability Reporting:
Is the participation of internal and external stakeholders actively involved in the preparation of the report?
Are international reporting principles / standards used and approved in the report preparation?
Does the report have effective and measurable results that show a change in communication strategy with all stakeholders?
Is there a creative communication strategy outside the standard communication practices to enlarge the report's domain?
Is there a feedback mechanism of the report for stakeholders in the value chain?
Does the institution have future strategy / commitment / objectives related to sustainability within the scope of the report?

  • 1
    Application Begins
    May 2, 2019
  • 2
    Application Ends
    July 22, 2019
  • 3
    First Jury Evaluation
    July – September 2019
  • 4
    September 2019
  • 5
    Second Jury Evaluation
    October 2019
  • 6
    Award Ceremony
    October 17, 2019